Self-control system according to HACCP

EU Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 obliges every food business operator who treats and/or places food on the market to introduce, maintain and document a self-control system (SCS) for food safety in accordance with HACCP principles. With the Shop-IQ Logistic Tracker LT007 the delivered products can be efficiently, quickly and paperlessly checked for compliance with the prescribed cooling temperatures during the incoming goods inspection and the incoming goods can be recorded. Deviations can be detected immediately via the Shop-IQ Watch or the app.

Shop-IQ Logistic Tracker

The Shop-IQ Logistic Tracker is placed directly into the transport container. If the delivered transport container is within reach of the store, the temperatures recorded during the journey are transmitted fully automatically to the existing Shop-IQ Box. After transmission of all information, including the exact time, number of readings and battery charge status, the LT007 is automatically switched off. This and the latest EnOcean Ultra-Low Power Management enable battery life of up to two years. The driver can immediately take the LT007 back with him, so that it is available again the next day.
If the recorded temperature is outside the prescribed temperature range (e.g. between incoming inspection in the bakery and delivery to the store), Shop-IQ Logistic sounds an alarm immediately. The actual temperature curve is displayed on the Shop-IQ Connect Tablet or on a POS system with the target values. Store management can then decide what to do with the goods and what corrective measures to take.

Temperature ranges

It is possible to detect several products with the same set temperature level during the incoming goods inspection. For this purpose, for each usual temperature range of 18°C (black LT007) 4°C (red LT007) 7°C (golden LT007) a logistics tracker is used, whereby every temperature ranges from -20°C to +70°C can be mapped precisely.