Saving energy systematically

Shop-IQ Energy equips you for ISO 50001 certification with an easy-to-install EnMS (energy management system). This gives you an overview of the energy consumption of the various appliances in the store. Not only electricity, but also gas, oil, hot water, compressed air consumption and much more is taken into account.

Simple retrofitting

ABB's finely calibrated (< +/- 0.5%) sensors are only 18mm wide. This allows them to be easily integrated into your existing sub-distribution system, so that you only have minimal effort even when retrofitting existing stores.

Energy consumption at a glance

The graphical processing of the measurement data gives you a quick overview of energy consumption and enables you to quickly and easily identify the largest consumers.

Monthly report

Every month you will receive automatically generated energy reports as PDF documents. These are specially designed for ISO 50001 certification and are individually provided with your company data and logo. In addition, our consulting services offer sustainable solutions to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.