Temperature can always be monitored

Shop-IQ Control was developed to support companies in implementing HACCP requirements. It replaces annoying temperature documentation and the tedious collection of data for each individual store.

Simple installation of the measuring sensors

Our easy-to-install wireless EnOcean wireless sensors take over hourly temperature recording and send the measured values directly to the Shop-Q Box. The special feature here is that our measuring sensors in the counter area do not require any additional energy, as this is obtained via a solar cell and buffered internally.

Temperature monitoring

With Shop-IQ Control, time-consuming temperature documentation and the tedious collection of data from the individual stores are no longer necessary. This is now done automatically via the Internet; in addition to the temperature curves of the last few weeks, you can also call up all live measured values of your stores online.

Weekly report

You can access clearly prepared data and statistics at any time via any web interface. With the automatic weekly report, you always have a complete overview of all refrigeration systems, from the counter area to the freezer technology. Any exceedances or shortfalls of defined limit values are also visually highlighted. It is also possible to call up live data from your stores.