Digital Signage

Digital signage offers you the possibility to update and adapt your advertising anytime and anywhere for one or more stores simultaneously. This advertising system is therefore much more cost-effective than print advertising and supports you with the corresponding content to match the actual system.

Digital menu card

Display your menu card conveniently via your digital signage solution and quickly and easily adjust the offer or prices as required.

Time-dependent content

Define specific times in the Shop-IQ marketing module, e.g. to switch breakfast, lunch or evening offers. This means that you can always adjust your advertising space precisely to the offer in terms of time.

Animated content

Bring your menu card to life by animating individual elements. This attracts the attention of your customers, allowing you to promote your products even more effectively.

Discount promotions

Create your own individual discount promotions. For example, set the Shop-IQ Marketing module to display a specific offer at certain intervals. A cash register network facilitates the implementation of the offer, for example, every 50th cappuccino is offered free of charge.

Multi-screen Content Menu

Give your content more freedom by displaying it on multiple displays simultaneously. This would allow the entire menu and the range of beverages to be displayed simultaneously. Such display boards quickly add visual value to your store.

Baking End

Our Shop-IQ Box allows you to connect your ovens to the system. This way you can inform your customers shortly before the end of baking that there will be fresh rolls right away. In conjunction with a countdown that is displayed, you can also show the customer how long he or she still has to wait.

Product advertising

Advertise your products how, when and where you want. A display in portrait format can also be interesting, especially since it looks like a classic poster at first glance.


Digital signage can be used not only for advertising but also as an information board. This solution is particularly interesting for large companies or public institutions that want to digitize their notices.

Outdoor displays

Advertise outside your store with outdoor displays. You can also attract the attention of passers-by.


If display sizes of 85 inches are too small for you, we can also offer you a video wall solution. Entire walls can be transformed into digital advertising space.

Displays außerhalb der gängigen Formate

We also experiment with unconventional display sizes. If you are looking for other display formats for your requirements and for your store design, please contact us. More under:
Price Tag